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04 April 2013 @ 09:19 pm
I'm about to defenstrate life.  

I live.

I feel like I start every single entry with this line as of this year. D'8


Life has been at a very stressful point. I should have seen this coming after all the good that happened to me in February. Work hired a new teller, and we get a long like fire and ice. We're complete opposites, and she has a tendency to berate me, and I have a tendency of pissing her off without trying. Even when I pretend she doesn't exist she eavesdrops on my conversations and finds something in them to create drama. Like jokingly competeing with my friend, Raquel, over how many transactions we have performed. I'm sorry I helped 145 customers in the time you helped 35, new girl.

I think its because she's very, very determined to be the pretty girl of the workplace. She insults me for being pale, for having naturally curly hair, has implied I'm fat, etc. For a 21 year old she acts like she's 14. She's literally orange, we're the same body weight, and it really bothers her that the more you try and underestimate me the more I will prove to you why I'm a force to be reckoned with. I straighten my hair, put on make and a mini skirt, and she absolutely loses it. Which is why I'm straightening my hair, just shaved, and have a skirt for tomorrow. I'm a real shit okay shut up


Aislyn's birthday is coming up. I had so many plans for it, because the 22nd birthday is the birthday to end all birthdays to me. Lucky for me I had 14 artists lined up to make all kinds of things - one of a kind birthday card, artwork, scrapebook, and then they all crapped on me except one. I know I generally get disappointed everytime when this happens, but I prepared 5 months in advance just in case and I only have that lone artist who helped me working now. One person told me to wait until her con season was done and she promised she would do artwork for me. Then when I approached her, she tells me "no, I'm not going to help you because it's a month before her birthday and I can't accept that type of work and you should have talked to me a few months earlier." So I got feisty and showed her the convo where she told me to come to her now and her excuse? "Yeah, I know I said that, but you should have asked me again because now its too soon." Lmao it's been that crazy over her gifts!


I made an ebay account and sold my playarts figures on it and had a complete jerk buy them. They sent me 18 different messages about it, and continued to ignore my last message to pester me. OR my favorite - not read my details and throw a fit. Stalled on payment for 4 days, then disappeared on the 5th day. When I confronted them, they said "yeah can't pay now too bad wait for tomorrow". So I do so, get payment after fighting tooth and nail, explain because of the payment delay I can't ship until Saturday. The next day? "WHY HAVEN'T THESE BEEN SHIPPED YET" and he was just... literally like working with a brick wall. I'm scared of ebay now, despite my desire to sell my custom Tifa AC Plush from Char. I didn't want to, but she's been getting dusty and I physically get sick and hate myself for letting things I adore get dusty, when I know elsewhere she would be so much more loved. I sold off my monster high dolls and I just want to downsize to death. I am thinking of getting this checked out. Ais is worried I'm this close to letting go of everything except my shelf of Grims Charming and Litwick. D'8


I'm getting along with editing Clockwork. Hopefully Ais and I will get to Grims Charming again once I'm done editing.

tamago226tamago226 on April 5th, 2013 04:51 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you're so stressed, hun. Hopefully that girl you work with will calm the fuck down and just realize it's a workplace and that she's not there to show out or anything like that. :/

God and I just realized I never told you Happy Birthday...so Happy really freaking Late Birthday! I do hope you had a good one at least! ;_;

I kinda feel you on the selling part....I just want to get rid of nearly everything besides otters and mins and start fresh. Not that I hate my collections, I just have no time to clean them and they look like crap right now....ugh.

I think just everyone on my f-list and I are having troubles. But we can rough it!! <3 I have faith in you and everyone else too. <3
Himitsu: classy ringohi_mit_su on April 5th, 2013 05:13 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry about that new girl. Hopefully she changes her tune soon. Otherwise, it's obvious she's going to regret poking you into action. 8D; But it's a shame she did resort to name-calling and all that drama - I think you're so lovely as you are already! YAY PALE SKIN - UNITE. XD

Eeek, I'm so sorry about all those artist troubles. How do they gravitate towards you? I'm sorry. ;; Hopefully something works out ;;!

Ebay is a hit or miss. It sucks you dealt with a buyer like that. I feel you on the downsizing, the only thing that's holding me back from selling it all - though I've sold lots on ebay now >_< is the sentimental value. But try and pace yourself? Like put things in a box, stow it away, and if you happen to think about it then maybe you should keep it for a while longer?

Yay more of your stories! :) Hang in there - it just seems like on those times but everything has to work out soon. :)
AburameChanaburamechan on April 6th, 2013 06:36 am (UTC)
;; I hate girls like that. There's no damn reason to be so mean and rude. Work's usually a pain in the but anyways, without all the douches.

A;adslkfdfc. Not all ebay people are like that. If you stick with it, it's usually not so bad. If someone waits that long to pay again, cancel the transaction and relist it, because that person totally deserves a negative. :C