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26 April 2014 @ 09:26 pm
Long time no see + Anyone hear from Tomokii?  
It's been quite some time since I made a post, huh? Let's see if I can sum up my life from the last 9+ months from when I was last active:

+ Everyone at my job quit except me and my boss right around the same time we got into an HR case against one another. I was about to be fired for a delusion and was going to get a lawyer and sue the company. Because I was the last teller standing, my boss suddenly saw me in a new light and ever since than I have been the golden child. I've even made new friends at work and all the horrible drama I suffered for the last year with the old team seems like a distant memory.

+ Went through one of the worst and most emotionally abusive relationships of my life and it turned me into a hard core drinker every time we went out on a date. To the point where I would show up to work hung over. I'm a lot better now. I also found out that I was the other woman as he had a girlfriend, and when he came crawling back it turned into a huge blow out. That affected the bank because he would come there to cash his check, though he wasn't a customer. His dad made it worse by coming there and trying to pressure me into seeing him again. It got pretty messy, but my boss stepped in and told him he wasn't welcome back if he would bring personal matters to the teller line. The joys of not being a corporate bank, right?

+ I've been dating a few guys since then, but I'm back to my old ways of get called out for another date and decide I rather stay home and write.

+ Grims Charming is on hiatus, but still dearly loved while I rewrite it all.

+ I am now writing the story behind a comic Aislyn is in the works of. Following the typical themes of monsters that I'm comfortable with, but delving deeper into self identity and trying new things, it features this cast here:


More details will probably follow. I drafted the story board for her so she'll probably start a deviantart page for it shortly. :)

+ I stopped talking to a lot of people because I was going through depression and suffering eating problems. We're working on it. Every day is a new step in the right direction.

+ Saw Michael Buble in concert and it was the 2nd best experience for me in my life? The 1st? That was this February 27th, in Florida!

+ Ais is still the world's greatest sister/best friend. We celebrated our 14th anniversary of being idiots together. I had planned for 22 to be the best year of life and it turned into one of the worst. However we did it right by going to Florida for the first time ever and going to Disney World.

Ais snapped this picture while he was talking to me. Can you see the googly eyes on me? Good lawd. Beauty and the Beast is my #1 favorite Disney film, fairytale, etc. and eating at Beast's castle almost made me cry. DISNEY GEEK AHOY.

How is everyone here? Some of you I always would text, or chat up, and I feel bad that I kind of shut down. I went to just facebook for posting statuses.


Has anyone seen ruenis? I have sent here a couple PM's and left her a message. She was supposed to send me a package from over a year ago, and since it's been 10 months since she told me she would send it I have reached the point where I'm getting worried... Thanks.
tamago226: Vanillite - HUGS!tamago226 on April 27th, 2014 04:47 am (UTC)
I've missed you!! I'm glad you wrote this, I was wondering how you have been doing lately and what's been going on. <3

I'm so sorry all that horrible stuff happened to you, especially with that guy. I personally have to be pushed pretty far emotionally to want to drink, as it's only happened twice in my life, so I can only imagine the quality of the relationship. Yet, I'm glad it seems like everything has turned out for the better for now! Especially at your job, I'm happy you have a good working environment now that you can enjoy.

I'm excited to see this comic!! I'll be on the lookout for more info! <3

And please don't feel bad. We all get caught up in everything going on in our lives, and often that means we don't have time to write everything down like we want to, myself included. No need to feel bad about that, though. :3 I know I'm still here for you, and I'm sure many others here feel the same. :)

Tomokii...I've had some communications with her within the past few months about packages, too, but mine hasn't turned up. I'm not complaining, though, I know I took forever and a half to send out her end. I just hope she's alright. ^^;; ;-;
nightmare_chan2nightmare_chan2 on April 27th, 2014 04:58 am (UTC)
I've missed you too. I've still been silently lurking and reading certain people's entries - it just takes a lot of time for me to articulate what I want to write. And then I feel drained and crawl away before I reply to most entries. If it's not short and sweet for me to type, I just read and hope for the best for most people and their entries.

I think the last year was a real test of my character, maturity, and how much I value myself. I think through all the drinking and time spent with him I saw just how low I would go just be cared for. I left it all thinking "from here on out I'm not gonna let myself be so disrespected." and I think with work I learned to really stand up for myself. All the crap I went through with my last two jobs is stuff I regret not fighting over, but with the bank I love everything about it. So I would go to any lengths, even through legal action, to stay. I'm just glad my hard work has paid off and I'm now senior lead in my department. :)

I'll post more to Knights of Fright once the deviantart page is up.

Aaaaah I have missed you so much Tamago. ;; I even kept your Christmas card with my favorite cards because at one of my darkest months when you sent me that it really made me realize that even people I had a hard time staying in touch with were still there for me. <3

I think the problem I have is that she was supposed to send the package over a year ago, and kept telling me she would next time. And every time it wouldn't be sent. And the last time was 10 months ago when she said she would send it. I don't want to get worried, but it contains work for things she has owed me for the last 2+ years so I've hit that level of "okay, not sure how much I can take." I'm trying to reach out and get to her before I have go to my last resorts. :C
AburameChanaburamechan on April 27th, 2014 05:55 am (UTC)
;c; Ah, welcome back! I worried about you. <3

Sounds like a rough year, but I hope this one is better!
Himitsuhi_mit_su on April 29th, 2014 05:01 am (UTC)
Hello darling. Thank you for sharing what you've been going through. You're so strong. I'm sorry you've gone through so much. Relationships can be some of the best, but can also be some of the worst. It's relieving to hear that at the very least, there has been some good sprinkled in and you're doing better. I have recently had to accept that environment affects a fair deal, so I'm glad you're environment is better.

I've missed you and think of you often. I also still consider you a dear friend. ♥ I hope, even with our limited communications, that we are still friends. ♥ And that you continue on the path of having life get better. :)

You and Ais are always so creative and inspirational. I look forward to the new project.

Goodness! Disney World! That Gaston - he is so perfect. I'm glad you and Ais were able to go and enjoy yourselves!

I've heard from Tomoki within the last few months as well? Hopefully she responds. It sounded like she had some stuff going on though... Not 100% sure. :c
Basak Gafoor on July 4th, 2014 01:17 pm (UTC)
Hey, I'm happy your doing better now, and I'm sorry for all you've been through, you seem very kind and hard working so I'm glad everything worked out. I also have a question about your weedout pokemon sale, could I still purchase from it or is it gone, just a question, and I hope things continue to brighten up for :)

Best Wishes.