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Does anyone know if there's a place to sell Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts goods? Perhaps I'm spoiled with an easy route to Pkmncollectors and MH_Marketplace but I seriously have no clue where would be a good place to sell these. Maybe deviantart? They all come with their original boxes and only the KH boys were opened to be posed with for a brief photo before being put back in there. I really would just like them gone, since they take up a lot of room. Maybe this is what they refer to as Spring cleaning? Lol.

+ MIB FF9 Zidane Play Arts Figure

+ MIB FF9 Garnet Play Arts Figure

+ MIB Dissidia Zidane Figure

+ KH Axel Play Arts Figure

+ KH Roxas Play Arts Figure

+ MIB FF13 Snow Play Arts Figure

+ MIB FF13 Fang Play Arts Figure

I'd be happy to do each for $10 before shipping in any fans on my Flist are interested. I would love to hear ideas and more on where I can sell these guys otherwise I guess I can try ebay? I'm kinda nervous to do that though as I've heard plenty of horror stories.

18 February 2013 @ 10:03 pm

So I think it's about time I unveiled what I was debating to do. :'D

I had this idea of doing a strip quilt, in the colors of the rainbow with a Vee for each. :'D Thoughts? Opinions? I did a mock up of certain fabrics but it will probably be more... sporatic with different fabrics? I think at least? Or should I make them unified with the marble like in the bottom 3?

The end size of the quilt will probably be queen size just because of the strip length. Thoughts??? I'm kinda excited and nervous to take this on? I love quilting so I thought it would be a fun fit for me.

14 February 2013 @ 08:00 pm

I'm in desperate in need of finding someone to do chibi commissions for me. I literally need 14 chibis done before late April and this is really, really vital to me that I get these. I can't afford the $30 a chibi like most of the ones I'm finding (its like everyone I went to hiked their prices up! It's crazy!) I see several people doing because the high volume of chibis. I have spent quite a few weeks searching for someone available and I either get closed, girls only, or someone who takes MONTHS to do the commissions. Or I'm a little picky on the style.

So if anyone knows someone open who can meet my deadline, I would super appreciate it. Worse case scenario I used my own art and experiment, but I rather not go that route because I'm no good. :'C

13 February 2013 @ 11:02 pm

And the sketches are in! I guess I'm going to try starting this huge project. D'8

I'm both looking forward to this and dreading it both at once. At least Ais' designs are always cute and fun to work with! :'D

11 February 2013 @ 10:46 pm

So guys this new Eevee um yeah. Adorable much? I am in a bet with Ais that if it ends up being a dragon type I will buy her a pokedoll of it (because you know there will be one) and if it's flying she'll buy me a pokedoll of it. I'M HOLDING THIS TO HER BECAUSE I AM RIGHT. D'8

I'm really glad that we finally have an orange eevee, because I always placed red with Flareon.

Ais thinks they're going to reveal another new Vee because Vees always come in pairs. I think this is it - why announce one vee and not the other? Or does this kinda play out normally?

It makes me excited to tackle my big Vee project because I just got 9" added to my project! Though do I unveil it now or wait until another vee is announced? Ahhhh I'm all kinds of excited right now and I don't think it's because of the three drinks I threw back tonight. D'8

19 January 2013 @ 01:48 pm

So apparently from the middle of December on my payments through paypal have been hit or miss. And of course the people who were waiting on payment from me were nice enough to not ask me about it. I checked my history to start inquiring people of if an item was shipped since I paid on X date but behold... nothing. Nada in my history.

 I just feel incredibly mortified that three people were waiting on me, I sent payment, it apparently didn't go through, and now I look like I've been ignoring them... And that is my least favorite type of customer. ;; I sent of apologies this morning but I'm wondering what's going on? I've got like $300 in my paypal and I copypasta their names in place so I don't think it was a misspelling? Even then it would show through on the history right? Granted paypal didn't take the funds from me but I so rarely check it that I just didn't look for it. I've never had this happen and just urgh. :C

Anyways I'm off to go finish packing everything for shipping. I'm debating going to the store and picking up the fabric for Umbreon's apron. I really wanna work on that but at the same time don't want to bump into anyone since I'm having an ugly day. :c

Today is just full of blargh.


The Y bird, Yveltal pouch is for sale for $10 before shipping if anyone wants it by the way.


So my least favorite girl at work has decided to quit and become a stay at home mom? I'm thrilled? She has become a handful for the last month and I always feel more at ease when she's not there. Less stress in my life that is steadily de-stressing, yay. :'D

did get working on the Umbreon apron thing I am planning. Here are the two designs. I decided against pairing them with cooking things because I only like wearing an apron when I like baking, and I know some people were an apron when cooking, and there is too much room for dislike. I'd rather have a plain Pokemon then one holding something I don't like. Make sense?

The fabric planned for them - I can't pick yet but it's between these three. I can only pick one too. I'm kinda liking the middle one since it'll help pull the yellow Umbreon in it's design? D8

11 January 2013 @ 11:47 pm

I made my first custom of the little purses. The ribbon was smaller then I expected but the pattern / steps are anything but awesome to follow/understand/accurate. So while it doesn't really tie up like a normal pouch does, it's still useful for holding things? I think the other thing is that I got quality cotton where I think the other girl got extremely lightweight cotton - which can't be used with my embroidery machine but is easy to gather.

So sacrafice use for image? I think so. I'd rather have an awkward pouch with Litwick on it for my collection then a useable one with threads snagging off and a deformed Litwick on it. D8

Benjaminfroaklin is the first of 4 to be finished and auctioned off tomorrow. <3

08 January 2013 @ 07:37 am

So the new Pokemon right guys? 8C

So I think this is the first time ever that I am in love with the fire starter? It might be because they went down one of my favorite animal routes again. I still love otters more so Oshawott still tops it. I think the problem is I want to love the fire starter more but I know for a fact that starters have an overwhelming amount of merch and it seems like everyone is in love with it. Like, every single person seems to want to collect that one and when everyone starts liking the same Pokemon I'm into, I generally step back. I'll probably just get a pokedoll and call it good.

Truth be told Froakie is kinda cute but only because he's giving me frogger feels from when Ais and I would play the game when we were little? :'D

I must admit - I am 100% digging the legendaries ALOT more then I did when gen5 rolled through so it gives me hope for their designs. They're very Twilight Princess design esque so I'm alot more excited for their gen's design then last gens. I'm not sure anything will top Litwick for me though guys. Unless it's another Beauty and the Beast type design, no. I'm still gonna adore Litwick. :'D

I'm eager to see the collectors start getting as much of the customs as they can! I'm very excited to see the new customs roll in. <3

22 December 2012 @ 10:15 am

So I'll be sure to update this journal sometime to tell you guys all the things that have been going on with me lately. In the mean time, for those who are fans of pony things please check out Ais' commissions. I don't normally plug commissions but I wanted to spread the word this time because she's trying very hard to save money for an important trip and it's been a rough past couple months for her. Her commissions are dirt cheap but I think that's how desperate she is? It kinda worries me but I have no say over her commissions. :C

More work can be found on her deviantart: http://lapetitlapearl.deviantart.com/

So for the first sample of a regular pony it's $4 for the first one and $2 for every one after that.

For the second example, a kind of pony anthro if you will, it's $6 for the first one a $3 for every additional one. All artwork can be shipped to you for $2.

All other info can be found in her journal: http://lapetitlapearl.deviantart.com/journal/Pony-Commissions-343292597#comments

Just thought I'd give a little plug! Please be sure to check them out if you can. ;u;